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My name is Debra AtlasBased in northern California, I’ve garnered over 6 years experience as a journalist, newspaper columnist, professional blogger, speaker and radio personality. My focus is on critical environmental, wildlife and organic-related issues and the newest, affordable eco-innovations.

Here’s a snapshot of the professional services I offer:

Freelance Environmental Journalist and Writer

I’m passionate about green innovation and for revealing to consumers just how affordable green living can be.

“As an environmental writer, Debra exhibits great skill in finding enterprising stories and reporting on a wide variety of aspects of environmentalism … Her stories are informative, engaging, and most important, useful.”

– Emmie Lam, former editor SierraClubGreenHome

As a journalist, I am equally comfortable producing:

  • Newspaper Feature Articles
  • Magazine Articles
  • Green Product Reviews

My articles shed light on products, services and companies that live up to their promise and provide real  green solutions to consumer issues.

You’ll discover my articles both in print and online. My credits include:

  • From 2008 through 2013, my weekly newspaper column, Distinctly Green, which profiled the newest eco-innovations to hit the market. Readers could trust that the products I detailed as the products were tested or otherwise verified to ensure that no greenwashing was involved.
  • Environmental, health and community-oriented feature stories for the Record Searchlight newspaper in northern California.
  • A regular contributor to, I write articles that focus on innovative environmental solutions and green business innovators.
  • Articles for magazines, including the Earth Island Journaland newsletters for the Green Chamber of Commerce.
  • SierraClubGreenHome, a website dedicated to helping consumers make their homes more energy efficient, environmentally sustainable and healthy.
  • Green product reviews and an occasional feature article for Change Magazine (Houston, Texas), an online and print magazine geared towards professional women.

Professional Blogging Services

I provide expert on-site, up-to-the-minute reporting/ blogging, which includes one-on-one insightful interviews with key participants. Topics covered have included:

  • The newest eco-innovations in consumer products
  • Eco-related gadgets / technology
  • Living greener lifestyles
  • Green-related conferences / events

I am a regularly featured blogger for a growing number of blog sites, including the well-known international site Red Ferret Journal, for which I also serve as its Eco Editor.

I have also covered a number of important Industry conferences, providing on-site, up-to-the-minute event-related blogging. I was the official Blogger for Costa Rica’s conference on sustainable tourism (Planet People Peace), which featured speakers and panelists from around the world addressing critical issues and Innovative solutions being rolled out to address them.

For over 6 years I have posted to and maintained my blog  Envirothink, where you’ll find insightful articles about the newest affordable eco-innovations and critical environmental issues.

Green Consulting

If you’re a green company or start-up and your business plan is plain vanilla, I have expertise in helping to “green it up” so that it fully incorporates your business’s vision, passion and commitment. Business plans are critical to any business’s success and a traditional version just doesn’t get the job done for green businesses. When your business plan really represents who you are and what your company stands for, it stand above the crowd to help you achieve your goals and bring in new business. My background in green will help you get there.

Professional Speaking

I have been a professional speaker since 1993 for conferences, workshops and events. My topics range from Green trends, Eco-innovation, Designing Green Solutions to Meet Today’s Challenges, communication and staff empowerment.

Venues include:

  • Featured speaker for online workshops at RENAissance WoMan Productions with Rena (Nicole) Morabe Lutz.
  • Inc. Magazine’s “Growing The Company” Conference, San Francisco, California
  • International Association of Business Communicators, Independent Communicators, Roundtable; San Francisco, California

Radio Personality

I’ve been heard across the airwaves in a number of venues. I have been a featured guest on national talk shows, including:

I also wrote and recorded a radio feature called Eco Trends for three years. There I profiled exciting green products and easy affordable ways to green your lifestyle.

One of my newer projects in the works is ranching out into online podcasts with my newest program: Get Your Creative On! Designing Green Solutions to Meet Today’s Challenges.

Many of these program sessions will be available here via podcast – along with excerpts from  professional speaking engagements and exciting interviews with key players and innovators in the green industry.

To learn how these services could benefit or increase your organization’s or event’s visibility or if you have questions about any special related services you wish to have me provide, email me today..


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