Your one-stop resource to green your business and lifestyle

Innovative green solutions are exploding into the marketplace.

These new, innovative, eco-friendly solutions to everyday issues include:

  • Progress made in sustainability and what that means to you and your business

  • Trends and breakthroughs in green technology

  • Exciting new green products and services that really get the job done

This website offers professional writing services for-hire to businesses, individuals and/or organizations  These services include:

  • Creating top quality original articles for newspapers, magazines and newsletters – both print and online

  • Delivering expert blogging on environmentally-related topics and green innovation / trends for your web or blog site

  • Providing on-site, professional blogging for environmental conferences

Are you looking for an exciting professional speaker for your “green” conference or other professional venues on topics that include climate-change related issues, eco-innovation and green trends? We’ve got what you’re looking for!

And there’s MORE!

Learn about  exciting, affordable eco-friendly products and gadgets that will help make life a little bit better. 

As your resource for green, one of our projects in development is a national green radio program,  It will feature trends, new innovations, interviews with key players that are making a difference across a variety of industries. Stay tuned and check back to see when it will air. Then download them to learn the amazing variety of green innovation that can simplify your life.

So be sure to check out ECO-HUB. Find what inspires you, what you can use. See what creative and useful ideas you can find to help you ease into a greener lifestyle.

And remember – we’re a work in progress, so keep coming back to see what else we’re up to!


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